Covering materials
Glass is still favored by growers who consider greenhouses as a long-term investment. It allows plenty of sunlight into the greenhouse and helps to create a warm growing environment for plants. Glass is a durable covering that you can expect to last 25 years or more.

Its favorable properties include:
• High transmission in the photo synthetically active radiation (PAR) bandwidth
• Good heat retention at night
• Low transmission of UV light
• Durability
• Low maintenance costs.
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Irrigation systems

We bring a well-designed, properly installed and appropriately maintained irrigation system that will deliver the appropriate amount of water to individual plant

High Accuracy
Using Dosatron with an accurate quantitative ratio of 1/100 & exact watering amount
Flexible Design
Easily flexible design changes based on farm area.
Completely Automatic
The ability to set the flow of fertilizers in stages and schedule daily, weekly
High Adaptability
The ability to meet a variety of crops and conditions including open farm.
Greenhouse Cultivation, Collination, Pest control
Bee pollination increases yield quantity and quality of crops. To maximize such benefit, we research to keep the bee work and enjoy in greenhouse garden
Practicing high-tech agriculture in a greenhouse environment requires high uniformity. From the beginning of the project, we have set strict standards of agricultural practices to produce products that excel in both productivity and quality.
Remote control of disease and the use of pesticides to avoid the amount of chemical residues in the product that affect the cleanliness and safety of output.
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