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Production and transport of fertilizers continue as usual

The border controls are more strict than ever, due to the Corona crisis. India is even in the largest lockdown in the world, 1.5 billion people who are afraid for more outbreaks. To send a ship there at this time means even more administration than usual, but it does continue, tells Dave Pinxteren with Prayon. Prayon is one of the producers of fertilizers.

The transport of products during the Coronacrisis is going well for Prayon, although some logistic issues occur, mainly on sea. It was quite a lonely existence for the chauffeurs, with empty parking lots everywhere. Products that have to be transported over a large distance are going by ship, for shorter distances or distribution, road transport is used. “Where we had to deliver, we did in time for the crops,” says Dave. “We didn’t have large interruptions.”

Production at Prayon
The production of fertilizers continued fully. The production facility has stricter measures than the government dictates, the company values its employees above all. The quality checks continued as well. “The cultivation has to go on, and fertilizers are indispensable,” says Dave.

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